Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Crash site objective

Took advantage of 15mm freebie sale earlier this month and picked up amongst other things some of the rather tasty space pilot looking dudes. I quickly banged together a down recon bird tonight to go with them to enable some bat 21 or space black hawk down type scenarios. Also got a rebel/tracker/bounty hunter done alongside a cheap matchbox jcb repaint and a couple of at troopers for my rebels/terrorists/wolverines


  1. Very cool! Great objective... where did you find the downed ship?

  2. Great minis and paintjob.
    Who is manufacturer of the ship???

  3. THe ship is a pound shop plane, it came in a multi pack with 4 others, so it cost 20 pence!I put up a pic of the packaging later on in case theres any still kicking about

  4. The ship came out looking great! The broken concrete etc. around it definitely looks authentic too.