Thursday, 7 June 2012


The anti aircraft multi role assault vehicle was the answer to repeated calls by the ucmc's calls for a highly mobile well armoured anti aircraft sentry vehicle. The project was an unmitigated failure,the AAMRAV lacked the capacity for long term deployment due to poor reliability and temperamental weaponry. Furthermore the vehicles main role (anti air defence) could not be met due to poor tracking optics and poor software.

Unfortunately for the corps the weyland yutani corporation had pushed the production of over 20 thousand of the vehicles and they had to be made use of. The corps reaction was to strip down the units weapons systems to the bear bones, removing the near useless hell screamer rocket pods and in their place installing 4 em coil guns and heavy incinerator units. The track was also up armoured and the fusion drive system replaced with an older but more reliable internal combustion engine. With its new armament the AAMRAV was retasked as a hostile environment anti personnel sentry. And was rechristened the APMRAV to reflect its new anti personnel role.
Bit of a kit bash, upper body is a star wars heavy droid with a bit of plasti card. Little pound shop pullback tank for the hull and tracks from a Wall-E toy.


Also some pipes and gas tanky things
Pipes from old crow, tank thinks are bairns tins of spagetti


  1. I love it, very Terminator looking, does scream anti aircraft though, with the flamers its very assault looking, great stuff, pics before paint would have been good, always good to show the work that has gone into a kit bash/conversion.

  2. Sir, you are a "pound shop" maniac... alas, dollar stores here seem to have a real dearth of useful toys. I actually feel bad for any kid who ever gets toys from there, they are so bad. And certainly nothing good for converting :(

  3. Nice work! Can we get a pic with a size comparison?

  4. Cheers fellas, The pound shop is pretty much the only reason I ever go into town lol the missus hates the place. Mainly because whenever I go there I come out with arm fulls of crap/treasure.

    I'll post up a couple of size comparison pics tomorrow mate.