Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Some close ups and some tiberium fields

Had an insanely lazy day today, day off work, no training and im carbing up so all ive done is eat and play with minis. Ive done some close ups of the uscm and some close ups of some feds and a couple of neo sov suits and transports. Also experimented with some glitter confetti bead things to make some tiberium deposits. Not totally happy with them next time i might smash the gems so theyre a bit more irregular
weyland contamination team
mean mutha federal alliance scout car
federal alliance squad favor small mission specific teams
Mobile armoured infantry the heavy hitters of the feral alliance
federal alliance recon team
allowing fast effective deployment of troops is fundamental to the Federal Alliances combat doctrine. This ( the mk2) has many modifications over it predessor improving both range, reliabilty and survival rates in the case of vehicle destruction.
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Cheap, reliable and a suprising toughness have kept the Caimen in USCM service long after Alliance army forces moved on to more advanced but more fragile vehicles. With marine units often operating for long periods without supply the hardyness of this afv fits perfectly with colonial marines oft quoted belief that if you want logistics you should have joined the army.
USCM recon team.
The multi purpose MK50 GMG, available with anti personel, anti material and in response to xenos contact flechete rounds
marine snipers, the last thing you never see.
bird dog
tiberium field, may cause allergic reaction.
The Sovs reaction to allaince power armoured units, 3 times as big, 9 times as heavy. with a nuclear fusion plant on their back.


  1. Very nice, I like the WY... and I think i'm going to copy the paint scheme on the NAC, since I just got mine...

  2. Love the work you're doing, the mini's are gorgeously painted.