Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Pows and more russkies

Not much of an update, got some nco's, specialists and squad support weapons done up for my neo sovs and started converting some rebel mini hostages into pows as i can see them getting more use this way


  1. What is the vehicle on front of which the POWs figures are standing?

  2. Not entirely sure mate, It came in a job lot I bought from ebay. I think its some kind of transformer thing because it kind of opened up before I glued it all in place. The Turret I can however tell you comes from brigade miniatures.

    Sorry I couldn't be more helpful

  3. Thank you, it's really quite intriguing, shapewise and far as you recall was it a "real" Transformer or a 'cheapo' one like a Gobot ('the K-mart transformers') or something?

    I have to watch ebay for similar deals! ;D

  4. I think it was a knock off cheap one, the actual transformation it was capable of wasn't exactly mind blowing. The wheel base thing rotated round so the base was flat and the front cap opened up. Ive looked on the base and all it has is made in china.

    1. Dear Andy, I must thank you (albeit belatedly) for your reply and your hints...actually it's a very obscure toy you have found there...but...due to perseverance and keenness of eye I have found another one on Ebay!

      Here it is in all its plastic glory!!!!

      I'd like another 3 or 4 to make up a platoon of them...but I know it would be very hard to track them down, given that the gun and the roof-MG are really easy to pry apart I am wondering if it would be hard to take apart the wheels as well and use EASY MOLD to create a mould to fill with resin, creating new hulls to deck out with guns and wheels, what do you think?

      Please let me know your thoughts feel free to reply at:

    2. Hello there, I see your blog hasn't been updated in several years.
      Do you still play in 15mm?
      If not, could you be interested in selling me your 6-wheeled former transformable gun truck?
      I could pay 12 USD for it.
      If you want to contact me at