Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Colonial marines recon vehicles, colonial marines heavy armoured assault troopers and more random crap

Got bugger all done last week so ive bern having some lead blitz's to try and regain some momentum. After a massive ball ache of painting, repainting, resculpting and repainting again i got some heavy armoured troopers for my colonial marine force. Back ground for colonial forces is that they favour solid shot weapons and reliable kit so the power armour they use is heavier and more basic than federal models, using either 10mm miniguns or thermic lances ad their primary weapons systems. They also rock up with heavy support in the shape of the man portable low yield thermonuclear missile system.

Ive also just upgrade a couple of old grow cars with some rebel mini suto grenade launcher turrets.

And just for the crack a shot gun fella, an infiltrator ( both head swaps) and a matchbox repaint.


  1. Some cracking stuff there. I did something similar with my Goannas from OC and gave them pintle mounted miniguns off the rebel minis sprue. I had the hatchtop things as well but thought they looked too big for the little vehicles so gave then hatches from plasticard and a gun shield instead. Yours seem to work though, so maybe I was wrong about them being too big...